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Nov 7TH, 2011
(Louisville, KY) Hip Hop giant Drake has tapped Smoke E. Digglera to contribute to his new album. On his much anticipated November 15th sophomore release, Take Care, Drake recorded a song entitled Look What You’ve Done. The song is a tribute to his mother who plays an important role in the success of his career.  On the sentimental track, Drake uses the music from If U Scared, Say U Scared which was written and produced by Smoke E. Digglera.   Static Major and Digital Black were also featured on this record with Smoke E. Digglera.  After hearing If U Scared, Say U Scared from Smoke E. Digglera’s The Truth in the Booth album, Drake decided that Smoke E. Digglera’s production, arrangement and vocals would be a fitting accompaniment to his lyrics.
Smoke E. Digglera, originally from the R&B group Playa, and has released solo material since 2006.
Playa reached #3 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop chart with their hit Cheers 2 U.  Smoke E. Digglera is currently the CHIEF EXECUTIVE of Bittersweet, LLC.  (INDIE RECORD LABEL).  Recently he wrote and produced a song for Fortune 500 restaurant KFC for their KFC 360 website in honor of Black Music Month.
Smoke says “This is another great opportunity for the Bittersweet team to display their talents to the industry.  I’m happy that another artist appreciated my arrangement and is using it on his current project.”
If you would like to setup an in-studio and/or phone interview with Smoke E. Digglera contact Sherlene Shanklin, Smoke’s Publicist at 502-295-0435 business mobile and/or via email  We appreciate any consideration given to our story.  If you need additional photos, quotes, and/or Smoke E. Digglera’s EPK go to or please contact my office. 
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